"Wow! It really makes a difference when you read the fat, sodium and sugar on the back of the foods we eat. And now just by looking at the contents in our foods we can eat healthier. It is all thanks to you. You have showed us to watch what we eat and how many servings a day we need. It has been appreciated by Room 6, 7 and 8."
Room 8, Awakeri Primary School, Whakatane.

“The laminated card with Bloom's Taxonomy activities was excellent."

"The whole concept is important and essential for students to be aware of and more in control of what goes into their mouths.  The PAK'nSAVE visit supported this well and increased awareness for students."

“I’ve gone through the FFT resources and I’m REALLY impressed. I’m hard to please by the way with outside education providers. I found the class then in-store experience you provided particularly well structured and very beneficial. Being way up here we often miss out on most opportunities offered in the larger areas so this was a buzz!!”
Cheryl Carmichael, Pukenui School, Kaitaia

Random Quotes

“Thought it was a great programme and would love for our school to be involved again. Lots of learning took place and the practical part was invaluable.”

Robin Taua-Gordan, Kaikohe East School.