Supermarket Visit

A key part of learning is ‘doing’ and the PAK’nSAVE, New World or Four Square supermarket visit allows students to apply classroom learning in an interactive setting.

Lasting 45 minutes, students undertake enquiry learning into specific topics such as label reading, product placement, product comparisons (for example fresh and canned fruits and vegetables) and allergy awareness.

Once you’ve settled on a suitable time for the visit we’ll send you a store-visit document which contains all relevant information such as:

  • Contact details for the supermarket owner-operator
  • Finalised date and time of visit
  • Suggested activities/topics/questions to cover based on class needs
  • Policies and procedures required for supermarket access
  • Information on the sponsored lunch and suggested food choices
  • References to additional nutrition information to support classroom learning


Random Quotes

“Thanks so much for coming into the class, organising the New World trip and the vouchers for the shared lunch. We loved it! The kids learnt so much.”

Tracey McSweeney, Bethlehem School, Tauranga.