About Us

Food for Thought is a nutrition education programme that encourages students to make healthier food and lifestyle choices.

  • Is a nutrition education teaching programme designed to assist the teaching of food and nutrition to Year 5 and 6 students.
  • Is intended for use over one school term.
  • Supports the New Zealand Health and Physical Education curriculum.
  • Allows class visits to local PAKn’SAVE, New World, Four Square, Shoprite or Write Price supermarkets.
  • Allows students to design, purchase and create a healthy shared lunch.
  • Provides a nutritionist to personally implement, coordinate and deliver parts of the Food for Thought programme.

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Random Quotes

“Hi Rebecca. All kids loved making their lunches. We even got 2 children who refuse to eat fruit and veg at home and whose mother drops fried food into them every lunch time eating the healthy foods with no complaints! 1 of them even had 2 helpings! The children got a lot out of it so well worth your time.”

Lauren Cross, St Joseph’s School Balclutha.