Programme Outline

Food for Thought provides fantastic resources which are complimented with support from your Food for Thought nutritionist. All the information your students gain from the resources and classroom nutrition session are then put to good use in the supermarket visit and sponsored shared lunch!

1). Teaching activities framework

A framework of activities combining Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences is used as the main teaching tool. 125 activities are tailored to students’ individual learning styles, ethnicities, ages and skill abilities.  


2). Nutritionist support

A great opportunity to introduce a fresh face to students and allow them to gain expert understanding on food and nutrition in tailored lessons.  They generally last one hour. Talk to your Food for Thought nutritionist about your particular learning requirements. 


3). Sponsored shared lunch

Thanks to a generous contribution from supermarket owner-operators, students can plan and prepare a well-planned, balanced and nutritious shared lunch.


4). Supermarket visit

PAK'nSAVE, New World and Four Square supermarkets are the perfect real world classroom!

More information about supermarket visits here >>


5). Posters

Six great posters are provided to participating classes in the Food for Thought programme.

View our posters >>


Random Quotes

“Hi Rebecca. All kids loved making their lunches. We even got 2 children who refuse to eat fruit and veg at home and whose mother drops fried food into them every lunch time eating the healthy foods with no complaints! 1 of them even had 2 helpings! The children got a lot out of it so well worth your time.”

Lauren Cross, St Joseph’s School Balclutha.

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