Programme Outline

Food for Thought provides resources which are complimented with support from the Food for Thought nutritionist.  Information gained from resources and the classroom nutrition session are required for the supermarket visit and the subsequent sponsored healthy lunch.

1). Posters

Six posters form classroom support resources and are provided to participating classes once the school decides to participate in the Food for Thought programme.

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2). Teaching activities framework

A framework of activities combining Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences is designed to be the main teaching tool which also compliments the posters.

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3). Nutritionist support

An opportunity to introduce a fresh face to students and allow them to gain valuable understanding on food and nutrition from an expert.

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4). Supermarket visit

PAK'nSAVE, New World, Four Square, Shoprite and Write Price visits. Theory gained in the classroom setting can be applied at the supermarket visit.

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5). Sponsored lunch

Through the contribution from supermarket owner-operators, students can plan and prepare a well-planned, balanced and nutritious shared lunch.

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Random Quotes

“Thank you for teaching us about healthy food and taking us to the supermarket. Now I look out for healthy and unhealthy food and I think my class does too – we really appreciated it.”

Felicity, Papamoa School.

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