Incorporating Exercise into Your Day

Burning off unwanted kilojoules doesn’t have to be difficult.  Although planned physical activity like going to the gym or playing sport is ideal because you have allocated time to do so, you can increase your daily exercise by incorporating these activities into your workday:

  • Bring lunch from home and use at least half of your lunch break for a brisk walk, even if it is only 10-15 minutes.
  • Stand up and stretch at your desk.
  • When you need to talk to a colleague, don’t use the phone or email - get up from your desk and walk over to them.
  • If your job involves sitting at a desk all day, make sure you get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour.
  • Whenever possible when you’re on the phone, stand up, move around or do some simple squats or leg exercises.
  • Park further away from the office and walk.
  • Get ruthless with your diary and schedule exercise as a regular part of your daily routine.
  • While waiting at the photocopier, do some leg stretches.
  • If you travel regularly for business while waiting for your flight, walk around the airport (taking the stairs), instead of blobbing in the cafe or airport lounge.

Random Quotes

“Thanks so much for coming into the class, organising the New World trip and the vouchers for the shared lunch. We loved it! The kids learnt so much.”

Tracey McSweeney, Bethlehem School, Tauranga.