The Benefits of Breakfast

It’s called break-fast for a reason………breakfast helps break the overnight fast you experience while sleeping, which ensures you body is refueled for the upcoming day!

Breakfast will:

  1. Boost your metabolic rate for the whole day,
  2. Leave you pumped with energy,
  3. Put you in a good mood,
  4. Leave children feeling alert and improve their concentration at school,
  5. Ensure you make more healthy food choices during the day, and that you don’t over-indulge at morning tea or lunch!

Figuring out Fats

There are four types of fats commonly found in a New Zealand diet:

Saturated fats

If consumed excessively, these fats can lead to blocked arteries, heart problems and raised cholesterol; hence are referred to as ‘bad’ fats.  You’ll find them in fried foods, cakes, pastries, butter, meat, dairy products, palm and coconut oil.  You should limit your saturated fat intake.

Trans fats

Five ways with…….canned fish

Canned fish is a convenient option for lunch, snacks and dinner.  Best of all, it’s nutritious, affordable and always available.  It even comes in small serve cans which are ideal for lunch at work or when on the go.  Try the following:

Incorporating Exercise into Your Day

Burning off unwanted kilojoules doesn’t have to be difficult.  Although planned physical activity like going to the gym or playing sport is ideal because you have allocated time to do so, you can increase your daily exercise by incorporating these activities into your workday:

Random Quotes

“Thank you for teaching us about healthy food and taking us to the supermarket. Now I look out for healthy and unhealthy food and I think my class does too – we really appreciated it.”

Felicity, Papamoa School.