After 10 years we thought we’d have a look at our awesome programme to see what impact it has had on our community! We were delighted to find that thanks to our team of amazing nutritionists and awesome teachers who have taken up the challenge, Kiwi families have reduced their sugar intake by 50 tonnes! That’s the same as almost 5 African elephants, 476 All Blacks or 41 hatchback cars!

What we found

Before taking part in the Food For Thought Program, 96% of participants shopped in any of the “unhealthy” categories. They were more likely to shop these categories than our research control group.
Participants purchased 5.4 items each week in “unhealthy” categories, again more than the comparison group.

After taking part in the programme, Food for Thought participants are significantly less likely to be shopping “unhealthy” categories. This is in contrast to the comparison group, where the number of customers shopping these categories grew.

In the soft drink category alone, the programme has reduced yearly sugar consumption per household by 340 grams, and per person by nearly 100 grams. Across 15,000+ participants in the program, that’s over 5 tonnes less sugar being consumed per year – just from soft drinks! So this means that over the past 10 years nearly 50 tonnes less sugar has been consumed as a result of Food for Thought.

Thanks to the amazing results Foodstuffs is aiming to double the reach of the programme which could reduce sugar consumption by 10 tonnes per year!

Random Quotes

“The programme connected so well to ‘real-life’ principles.”